This song tells the story of the three Norfolk bald eaglets that hatched at Norfolk Botanical Gardens in March of 2011. They lost their mother in April of 2011 and were moved to the Wildlife Center of Virginia where they are being raised to be released into the wild. The song is sung by local children with keyboards played by professional musician Andy Calabrese. The artist, Sherry Widmer, has been an avid eagle watcher for most of her life and became fascinated by the eaglecam at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. The artist will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the digital sales to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Watch the eaglets on the online eaglecam!

Wild Animal Kid Songs is a CD of songs for children about wild animals. The songs are written in a variety of musical styles including jazz, funky folk and rap. The songs are sung by children, and written for a child's vocal range. In addition to being just plain fun to listen to and to sing, the songs are filled with factual information about each specific animal.

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Norfolk Bald Eaglets Three:

Wild Animal Kid Songs:


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Wild Animal Kid Songs:

1. The Penguins Three: These three Penguins love to dive and swim and surf in the sea.

2. Gibby the Gibbon: Gibby is a white-handed gibbon who loves to sing.

3. Jake the Snake: Jake is a boa constrictor who is always filling up his belly.

4. Jaydee the Dolphin: Jaydee is a dolphin who leaps and flips and dives happily.

5. Leppy the Leopard: Leppy the Leopard Leppy is a leopard who prowls and pounces as he stalks his prey.

6. Matt the Bat: Matt is a bat who hides from the sun and flies by moonlight.

7. Harry the Hippopotamus: Harry is a hippopotamus who is almost as big as a mini-bus.

8. Purdie the Birdie: Purdie is a hummingbird who flits and floats and darts from flower to flower.

9. Elless the Lioness: Elless the Linoness is the Queen of the Pride. She wanders the grasslands with her cubs by her side.

10. Josh the Fox: Josh is quick and smart and - some say - sly


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About the Composer:

Sherry Widmer studied piano at the Eastman Preparatory School, was certified as a music teacher at Ithaca College, and did graduate work at Edinburgh University in Scotland, where she supported herself by singing all over the country. She studied criminal law and organized crime at the University of Ohio before leaving to perform and teach piano lessons.

Sherry currently resides in Canandaigua, New York, where she teaches students of all ages and composes music. Contact the Composer »


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